We Messed Up! This is Bad! Its R Life

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Today we really messed up! And now we are paying for it! It's really bad, the girls are in bad shape. But before we get into what happened and why the girls are in such bad shape, I get my hair colored and styled! It looks so good, my stylist does an amazing job! We play a siren head prank! It's so funny! You'll love it! And then Daniel takes the boys to the beach. He shows you how rough the waves are, it's a red flag day and the currents are very strong! Unfortunately, the seaweed is pretty bad today, but that doesn't stop them from catching some nice waves! Kapri is trying a brand new Starbucks drinks! Watch to see what it is and if she likes it! Then we head back home to show you what has happened to the girls and how they are doing today! They have cold rags and ice packs on their foreheads!

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