WHO DID THIS TO MY BASE!? | Minecraft X Life SMP | #9

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POPULARMMOS PRANKED MY BASE!? | Minecraft X Life SMP | #9 - I've been pranked. We need revenge. Also a new business opportunity with Smallishbeans and Fwhip has

Welcome to X Life! It’s a brand new modded SMP with a bunch of amazing Youtubers! The modpack features a bunch of fun mods that add to Minecraft without changing it too much! We do however have one very special custom mod that completely changes the way our health works! Each player starts with 1 heart, and everytime we die we gain a heart, up to a maximum of 10! If you die after that 10th heart though… You’re out! Who do you think will last the longest?

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Tuesday, Friday, Sunday - 6PM BST
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