Wurm Online Sandbox MMO ► Steam Release Review (Progression, Gameplay Experience)

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08/03/2020 After a week and 150+ hours of playtime we now have the opportunity to do a quick review on the MMO Sandbox known as Wurm. A game that I would 100% still consider close to being the Medieval version of Eve Online. It's got a big learning curve but an insanely dedicated & friendly community to help you. The game has a steep learning curve and big grind but rewards you in a lot of ways that other games in the genre cannot. Truly an example of what makes these types
of titles truly special.

As always, diving right into this quick video for reviewing Wurm Online. One of the most ambitious Sandbox MMOs featuring PVP and PVE - released on Steam July 24th, with 2 new servers.

Community Discord for Wurm (Enveus Guild - select the "Snake" role to get access to wurm channels to play with us!)

Wurm Official Discord Channel -

Awesome Guide by Kats for a few things you should know about Wurm -

Steam Launch FAQ for Wurm -

Forum Post for the Wurm Maps -

Wurm Wiki containing all the information you'll need -

Wurm Steam Launch Trailer -



Join forces with scores of other players to form powerful companies of craftspeople, mercenaries, prospectors and architects.
Claim territories and leverage your dominion to consolidate power and compel loyalty.
Fight for survival against enemy raiders, brutal wilderness, and gathering evil.
Craft hundreds of items, from magical elixirs and deadly weapons to sprawling fortifications.

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