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Let's play some Ymir! It's a city-builder but also a 4X multiplayer MMO kind of and it has pigs with clothes. This is a testing copy provided by Ronchon, the developer, and it's a VERY EARLY VERSION with bugs, incomplete text, spelling errors, and such. It is, however, still playable and enjoyable. It's made by a single guy over the past 5 years (2 years full time) and plans are to be able to host 'persistent' servers with 100 players with games that lasts weeks. For now let's try out some solo city-building gameplay!

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Neither a let's play nor a review. #GamerEncounters is a first impressions format of video game coverage. These are #newgames that I have spent fewer than 2-3 hours playing and can be of titles that have fully released or are still in early access/Alpha/Beta.

#YmirGame Official Website

Ymir Steam Page

If you'd like to know more about the game, you can ask Ronchon (the dev) directly on his own Discord channel that's linked in the official site.


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